Before looking at the types of camping, it is essential to know what camping is (campingplassen). Well, camping is a kind of outdoor holiday spent away from your home, mostly in a tent. Camping can last for as many days as one desires. During camping, one can decide to prepare their meals on a fire set up at night or instead carry food and water. There are several different types of camping that people can explore. They include:

a) Tent camping: This item the most common type of camping. It involves moving to a camping site, installing a tent as shelter, and staying there for as many days as one desires. b) Backpack or Hiking: This type of camping is quite indulging as one move to carry their necessities in a bag, and when the sun goes down, they settle in a place set up a tent and have a good sleep and continue the day after with their journey ( It is mostly done for adventure. c) Glamping: Glamping means glamorous camping. It is not; this involves camping with luxuries such as hotels, cabins, and lodges. d) Van camping: This includes camping but with a van. In this case, one vets the opportunity to choose where to sleep either outside in a tent or the van ( It also enables one to move swiftly from one place to another. This means that they are more mobile, and they have the privilege of having several camping sites.

e) Canoe camping: This so much related to backpacking, though different in that campers move by canoe on the water. They carry their essentials with them and settle at night only to continue running the following day. f) Adventure camping: This involves camping as a group to explore the adventure. More experienced campers do it since it consists of some physical activities. The group travels through hiking by day and settles at night to rest and prepare some good food.