The joy of camping

As you stop and notice the soft wind bowing through the trees, a warm glow eminating from the fire pit at your feet and the slightly sweet twinge of campfire smoke tickles your nostrils. This is it, that sense of adventure you have been looking forward to and craving. The peaceful state of mind provided solely by the experiene of spending some time outdoors away from the hussle of everyday city life. It’s like a drug the way it totally alters your state of mind and induces a happy almost giggling flutter in your belly, just to be out here- that is all it takes to get your fix. All the wonderful memories of past camping trips flow across your mind and you can’t help but reminisce. Those first trips as a child when you got to help dad collect and chop firewood, or the first fish you caught in that backwoods mountain pond.
The people who have passed around your various fire pits over the years. Yep, now you are back home being out here in these woods is where you actually feel like you belong and are immediately accepted- no matter who you were back in the city, here in the woods you are just another piece of the landscape. Let yourself drift off and just melt, becoming one with the natural world that you have missed more than you even realized until just now- in this moment everything feels right and complete.